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Depending on who you ask, we should all be getting around eight hours sleep every night – and that’s not counting the time spent winding down in the evening or lounging around in the morning. This means there are few pieces of furniture more important in the home than the bed.

A comfortable bed will help you get a better night’s sleep, so you can avoid being tired, irritable and unfocused the following day.

But that’s not the only reason beds are so important. We should also bear in mind that your bed is by far the largest item of furniture in the bedroom. It dominates the space, and makes a big difference to its overall appearance. If your bed’s dressed well, the room will almost always look spectacular.

So to get the best from your bed, you’ll need great bedding. We stock a wide variety of different bedding, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from - but what exactly does the right bedding look like?

How to Choose Bedding

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You might assume that your mattress is the only thing to think about when creating a comfortable bed, but the quality of your bedding makes a big difference, too.


This natural fabric is the most popular material for sheets and bedding. It’s durable and breathable, so it’ll keep you cool on hot nights.

There are several varieties of cotton to choose from. Egyptian cotton is produced with the extra-long fibres grown on plants native to America and is the ultimate in luxury bedding. Mexican or upland cotton, is primarily grown in the USA. Its short fibres result in a material that’s more affordable, but not as soft to the touch. 

There are other production methods for cotton allowing it to be adapted for certain conditions. For example, flannel cotton is woven and combed to create a fluffy surface that’s able to trap heat. As such, it’s ideal for winter, but not so great during hot, muggy spells.

You might find certain varieties of cotton described by brand-names, so it’s worth investigating exactly what you’re getting before you get your wallet out.


Silk is a protein fibre that’s spun by moth caterpillars (though other forms of larvae also use it to create their cocoons). It’s incredibly soft – but also difficult to produce, and so commands a much higher price than cotton.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort and have a generous budget, silk may be worth investing in.


Polyester tends to be used in conjunction with cotton to create bedding that’s both comfortable, and affordable. Polycotton sheets also boast long lifespans and are resistant to stains, so are a great choice for children’s bedrooms. The addition of ployester with the cotton allows the fabric to be easy care, reducing creasing and faster drying time after washing.

Bedding Ideas

Bedding Ideas for the Master Bedroom

This is arguably the most important bedroom in the home, so don’t skimp on comfort. Remember that certain colours (particularly loud colours) aren’t a great match for the bedroom, however much you might love them.

The safest approach is often to invest in simple, classic shades while adding in a few decorative accents in the form of throw-blankets and cushions. Your bedding, like any other item of furniture, should complement your existing décor – look for bedding that matches the walls and the curtains (or re-paint the walls and invest in new curtains to match your bedding).

Bedding Ideas for Guest Room

In your guest room, you’ll probably want to show off your great taste. It’s therefore worth playing it safe and choosing muted colours with wide appeal. Whites, creams and magnolias are ideal.

The bedsheets here won’t be used every day, so you might be tempted to choose something luxurious – it will last for ages without needing to be replaced, and help all your visitors get a great night’s sleep.

Bedding with Storage

We’re all guilty of using the space beneath our beds as a dumping ground for suitcases, shoeboxes, and duvet covers, but by picking the right bed, you’ll be able to vastly expand this space, with a full-fledged chest of drawers. When you consider that the space immediately below the bed is totally empty and never used, this makes perfect sense.

Bedding with Ruffles

Ruffles are those frilly accents you sometimes get running across the width of a duvet colour. They create a little bit of visual interest, but if you’re not careful can easily end up looking old-fashioned. If you’re going to go down this route, it’s worth accenting with matching throw-pillows.

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