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How to Hang Net Curtains

If you’re thinking about buying some
net curtains, or you’ve recently bought some, they’re super easy to fit and hang yourself. Here is our guide on hanging your net curtains by yourself. They’re easy to fit and install, and we’re going to look at two different methods in particular... 

How to Fit a Net Curtain with a Tension Rod

Using tension rods for net curtains is a great idea. With no need to drill, use any hardware or tools and a really easy set-up, they make a really convenient choice for hanging your net curtains. Net curtains are also great for hanging with tension rods because they’re really light. So, if you were wondering how you can hang your net curtains without drilling, then a tension rod is the way to go. 

  1. First, measure the gap you’re curtains are going in. 

  2. Next, acquire a tension rod that is longer than the distance required.

  3. Tension rods are adjustable, play around with it until you have found the right length it needs to be at. You want it to be tight but not so tight you can’t get your tension rod into the required space. You can adjust your rod by twisting it.

  4. Put the rod through the eyelets/sleeve at the top of the curtain. 

  5. Place your tension rod back into the aperture, and loosen your grip on it so it expands outwards and is taut.

There you go, your net curtain rods should now be hanging. Other terms for the type of tension rods that will do this are telescopic net curtain poles, spring loaded rods and expanding net curtain rods.

It is also possible to buy hooks for net curtain rods if that’s how your curtain needs to be attached.

How to Fit a Net Curtain with a Wire

Another way of installing your net curtains anywhere in the home, is by using a wire. This does require drilling, so make sure that this is permissible if you are renting. If you aren’t, then make sure you drill into your wall stud otherwise you’ll probably inflict some costly repairs onto your home. If you’re working with plasterboard, you’ll need some specialist wall plugs for this.

For this you will need:

  • Stud Finder

  • Measuring Tape

  • Wrench

  • Cable

  • Wire Cutters

  • Screwdriver

  • Hammer

  • Setting Tool

  • Drill & Piloting Bit

  • Wall Plugs/Screw Hooks

  1. The first step is to mark where you’re going to be drilling. Mark where you’re going to hang the wire e.g 10cm down from the ceiling.

  2. Drill your pilot holes. Using the piloting bit, you will need to drill into the center of the stud, where you have marked it.

  3. Insert the wall plugs or screw hooks you have into the pilot holes. Use a wrench or pliers to drive them in if they are studs. If plasterboard, use a hammer to drive in your wall plug. Insert a screw into the pilot holes, and use the setting tool to expand your wall plug. This is what fixes it to the wall.

  4. Measure the distance between the two opposing hooks. If you are using screw hooks, add 30cm of wire. If wall plugs, then just a little bit extra this is how long of a wire you’re going to need. Cut your wire down to this size.

  5. If you are using screw hooks, you need to create two tight loops on each end of the wire. Use your hammer to crimp the end of the wire into a loop and then secure it. If you’re using wall plugs, you will have some fittings to install. Screw these into your pilot holes.

  6. For screw hooks, put your curtain on the wire and attach the loops you’ve made onto each hook, making sure your wire is nice and taut. Remove any excess wire. For wall plugs, there’ll be another fitting that you need to screw on the end of your wire. Thread it through your curtain and screw into the wall until it is taut. 

Curtain wire is a great way to hang light curtains and they can contribute to a modernist aesthetic in your home if that's the look you’re going for. Remember that if these are to hang within a window frame,that you can’t drill into a uPVC window frame. 

If you’re putting net curtains onto uPVC windows then you can get self adhesive hooks for net curtain rods that you can attach to the window frame itself. No drilling, no holes, it’s a really low maintenance way of hanging them. 

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