Measuring Guide

The secret to window dressing


Our curtains come ready made in various sizes. Where you see a PAIR of curtains the pack will contain 2 curtains of the listed size.

The length of our curtains includes the total measurement from the top of the curtain (including any pencil pleat, tabs or rings) all the way to the bottom. 

Remember to measure from above your pole or track to wherever you would like the curtain length to finish and double the width you wish to cover to allow for a nice gather

Tracks & Poles:


Curtains should neatly frame your window when pulled open. To achieve this, your pole will have to extend beyond the edges of your window surrounds by around 15-20cm (6-8”). So when you've measured the width of your window, you need to add an extra 30-40cm (12-16"). The pole should be mounted 5cm-15cm above the top of the window, while it's supporting brackets need to be fixed 50mm in from each end of the pole, allowing room for a curtain ring before the end finial. Heavier curtains usually require an extra, central bracket.                                                    


Your curtain track needs to extend slightly beyond your window's edges, so when you've measured your window's width you should add an extra 30-40cm (12-16") to give you a 15-20cm (6-8") overlap either side. As tracks come in set sizes, you'll obviously need one that you can easily cut down to the required size. The brackets should be fitted 25mm in from each end of the track and at least 50mm above the window recess.

For example 

So to make things nice and simple if your track measured for example 55” (140cm) you will need to choose - width 66” (168cm) curtains which leaves the drop, curtain lengths tend to be one of three, to the floor, below the sill or level with the sill, so you will need to decide which length you need and choose the best drop to suit your measurements.

Net Curtains and Jardinières:

Our net curtains are sold by the metre. To decide how much you will need measure the width of your window and double it to allow for a nice gather. Then round this up to the nearest metre. 

Nets are available in various drops, this measurement is from the top of the net (including the slot heading) to the bottom. 

Jardinières are sold in ready made sizes, these are listed as width x drop. Measure the width of your window and double it for a nice gather.

Jardinières are available in various drops, this measurement is taken at the sides of the net from the top of the net (including the slot heading) to the bottom, where the net is at its longest. 

Buying curtains from the Millshop

Our curtains all follow ‘width x drop’ and our main widths and lengths are ….  

Width - 46” (117cm) 66” (168cm) 90” (229cm)

Length (drop) - 48” (122cm) 54” (137cm) 72” (183cm) 84” (213cm) 90” (229cm)      

Mill shop’s ready-made curtains are sold in pairs. The size given refers to each individual curtain. For example 46”x90” pair of curtains would contain two curtains each at 46” wide x 90” long.

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