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How to Choose & Style Cushions

Redecorating is no easy task. From endless design decisions to the down and dirty of painting, papering and replacing it’s a long, involved process. Underestimate it at your peril.

Problem is, it’s all too easy to get bored with the way your home looks. When you’re seeing the same walls day in, day out, the shine of your ingenious decorative touches can soon dull and turn stale. 

This is why we love a quick cushion-based makeover. 

Changing up your cushions is a quick, easy and cheap way to revitalise any living space. It brings a blast of fresh colour to dreary paint schemes and breathes new life into drab, worn furniture. Without breaking the bank OR a sweat.

It can be hard to believe what a big difference such a small scale project can make. So we thought we’d put together a couple of top cushion styling tips, including cushions on the sofa ideas and cushions on beds suggestions. That way, you can give it a go and see the impact yourself. After all, it’s not a mammoth project!

How to Decorate Your Living Room with Cushions

The easiest room to reinvent using soft furnishings is always going to your living room. Rugs, curtains and of course, cushions can all be updated with little effort and make a massive impact.

If you’re looking to refresh the scatter cushions on your sofa, and in turn refresh your living room, here’s some tips on sofa and cushion colour combinations to get you started.

Should cushions on the sofa match?

Some sofas come with cushions in matching colours or even patterns. If we’re honest, we’re not quite sure why. 

For us, the point of scatter cushions is to provide contrast. Tie them to your paint colours, curtain colours, or even just introduce a subtle shade shift. But always avoid a carbon copy of something already there. Otherwise they’ll simply sink into your sofa in a bland, bumpy mess.

Our advice is to mix and match block colours and patterned covers that echo other colours in the room and accentuate them.

And if you do have matching covers, stuff them with cushion fillers and use them as chair cushions. They’ll provide cohesion across your furniture without feeling uniform or too ‘matchy’.

What colours go with a black sofa?

A black sofa is perfect for anyone who wants to use soft furnishings to rejuvenate their decor. It provides a vibrant point of contrast that can fit with any colour.

For us, the brighter the better. Primary colours, citrus colours, pretty pastels: anything will pop perfectly against an inky ebony sofa.

What colour cushions go with a grey sofa?

Grey is another gorgeously versatile colour. Almost any hue will complement it, making it a little overwhelming to colour match with. 

For a fashionable modern twist, pair your grey sofa with yellow cushions. From a brilliant banana to a soft lemon, this is currently a popular colour match meaning there are plenty of pattern options as well as plain colour.

What colour cushions go with a brown sofa?

Anything off white will sit comfortably on a brown sofa. Cream cushions, from delicate ivory ones to yellowy buttermilks will really set off a fudgy, chocolatey base.

Or, if you’re looking for depth of colour, other earth tones like a pine green or a rusty terracotta are a great option.

What colour cushions go with a cream sofa?

No sofa benefits more from cushions than a cream one. Leaving a big, broad expanse of your plain sofa exposed is a sure fire way to draw attention to any dirty or dull patches it has.

Indulge in darker tones. Wine, chocolate, indigo -  these rich colours will instantly soften against a comfy cream backdrop.

How many cushions should a corner sofa have?

Corner sofas tend to be larger and seat more people. This gives you a bit of extra space to plump your cushions. It also makes it tempting to go overboard.

In general, we think 3-6 cushions is enough for a smaller corner sofa (seating up to 3 people). For something a bit bigger, anything up to 9 will look great and give you a real opportunity to layer colour choices.

How to arrange cushions on a corner sofa

The focal point for any corner sofa is that sharp right angle. Fill this crook with a collection of cushions, then scatter the rest along the sides. How many you use should suit the size of the sofa and how many people it seats.

Remember to take a step back when you’ve finished, to check it isn’t overwhelmed.

How to Dress a Bed With Cushions

If your bedroom decor is driving you to despair, investing in some cushions can really perk it up. 

Take colour cues from your walls, curtains and furnishings and follow themes through. Find compliments for your bed linen, but don’t be tied to matching patterns - that’s just as boring in the bedroom as it is on a sofa!

How do you arrange cushions on a bed?

Pop any large cushions at the back, and work forwards in size. Mix fluffy cushions with patterned prints to bring extra texture.

Short, plump bolsters or thinner rectangular pillows should go towards the front. Then pick something embroidered or patterned to form a focal point.

How many cushions should be on a bed?

With all that space it is tempting to go overboard, and swamp your whole bed in cushions. Try to resist!

Not only will that excess look a little overwhelming, you’ll have to sweep them all away every night and replace them every morning. Don’t you have enough to do already when you get up?

Does it vary between Single, Double and King Size?

A bigger bed means more space but that shouldn’t always translate to more cushions. Between a single and double, you can afford to really up the amount of decorative cushions. Between a double and a king size - not so much.

Don’t forget to include the pillows in your cushion styling either. These might be more uniform in size and shape, but they will still add height or depth to any cushion arrangement. Factor in your pillows and aim for a cute, comfy and carefully styled pile: avoid a mountain that devours the whole mattress.

Squeezing some old cushion inners into snazzy new covers is a job that takes minutes. Yet it can still completely revive a room that has started to drag you down.

Of course the only way to truly appreciate the effect is to give it a go. Check out our
collection of cushions and let your creativity run wild. We think you’ll be amazed at the difference a couple of new cushions can make to your home!

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