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Dreams That Changed The World: Illustrated

22/07/2019, 17:39

A comfy bed and a good night's sleep are essential when it comes to brain function. Slipping into a freshly made bed with lush, fresh bedding really can set the tone for how easily you’ll settle into a peaceful slumber.

Once you drift off to sleep, there really is no limit to where your dreams may take you. Sometimes unbelievable and seemingly impossible, your dreams really can have a huge impact; changing your mind on something you were sure you were certain of, making you question what you once knew - the power of dreams can be hugely underestimated.

This got us thinking, we wanted to explore what impact dreams have had on the world over the years. We’re not talking day dreams either, but full-blown, from the depths of the subconscious kind of dreams… and we were not disappointed!

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein 

One of the most iconic pieces of horror fiction ever written, it’s said that the story of Frankenstein came to Mary Shelley when she experienced a vivid nightmare. At the time Shelley was just 18 years old and was visiting Lord Byron by Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Whilst there, it was suggested they write ghost stories to while away the hours of the cold, winter days. Unfortunately, Shelley was unable to come up with anything she considered suitable. That was however until one night when she took herself off to bed and dreamt of the monster that defined a genre. 

Paul McCartney - Yesterday