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Are Roller Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms?

Roller blinds are convenient, compact, and when rolled down, very private, making them a great choice for the bathroom. One thing that you need to consider when buying blinds for the bathroom, however, is humidity. The bathroom gets misty and humid on a daily basis, and this means that certain types of blinds – particularly thicker, heavier fabrics - aren’t generally a good choice for this room.

Vinyl, PVC and polyester blinds tend to resist water build-up, so are ideal for a humid room - they are mould resistant and easy to wipe clean too!

Polyester Blinds for Privacy and Light

Vinyl and PVC blinds are available in a huge spectrum of colours – from the standard white or beige to more vibrant greens, blues and purples. You can also buy polyester roller blinds which offer a good balance between privacy and light. Polyester blinds don’t have a full blackout effect; they let some light through, but it is filtered, so you’ll still have plenty of privacy.

PVC for Water Proofing

If you have a window near a shower, then you probably don’t want to have to worry about your blinds getting wet. In that case, PVC is the best choice because it is completely waterproof. Any splashback from the shower will just run straight off the blinds, and you don’t have to worry about damp or mould. These waterproof blinds just wipe clean and will not warp or get damaged in steamy environments.

So What Type of Blinds Should You Choose for a Bathroom?

Whatever you choose, blinds are generally a far better a choice than curtains for the bathroom. They are low maintenance, and they won’t gather dust or be damaged by high levels of humidity. Just be sure to measure up properly so your blinds are a perfect fit (which is very important if privacy is a concern). 

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