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If you require curtain tracks, you can install them yourself with our easy-to-follow steps:

  1. First, you need to measure. You want your tracks between 10 and 15cm above the window recess. This isn’t essential, just advisable. Mark a line with a pencil when you have decided how far above the recess they are going. Once this is done, mark a line 15cm either side of the window, level with your initial mark. Some jobs will require multiple bracket points, make sure they are all level with each other.

  2. Using a drill bit large enough for your curtain plugs, drill holes in the marked locations for your brackets. Use glasses and lay down a sheet to help collect debris. After the holes have been drilled, hammer your plugs into them until they are completely flush with the wall. Screw your bracket in place afterwards.

  3. Ensuring your curtain tracks are centered on the brackets, they should just be able to lie on the installed brackets. Some will require you to screw through the track until is flush against the bracket. Then your curtains are ready to be hung. 

How Do You Hang a Curtain Track From the Ceiling?

The process for hanging a curtain rail from the ceiling is very much the same as it is to hang it on the wall, you will just need to use a different kind of bracket or some anchors. Specialist plasterboard (or ‘drywall’ in the US) anchors can be purchased online or at certain retailers to fasten heavy things to plasterboard surfaces. Otherwise, your specialist ceiling mount brackets will be attached to the ceiling just as you would the wall.

Can You Cut Curtain Tracks?

Depending on the material of your curtain tracks, it can either be relatively simple or quite difficult to cut your curtain tracks down to size. But the short answer is: yes. If your tracks are plastic, metal or wood, then use a fine tooth saw to whittle them down the size. Metal will be harder to cut and wood easiest. 

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